An Inspiring Comeback of A Stroke Survivor: Bigleelittlebike story

My name is lee, I’m 35 and I’m from Liverpool in the United Kingdom and on October 3rd, 2019 I survived a stroke. This is my before during and after story.

I have always been an athlete, from the age of 16 I was a professional BMX rider and I raced motocross all over the UK and Europe, I then went into bodybuilding and even became a celebrity bodyguard.

October 3rd, 2019, I was at home with my parents eating my breakfast... I don’t remember a great deal from this moment but I do remember a bad headache and a pain in my jaw.
I collapsed and had multiple seizures. My family called the emergency services straight away where I was rushed straight to hospital and placed into intensive care and into a medically induced sleep.
If my family wasn’t there I would have died.

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All I remember is waking up with my family an hospital staff standing over me shouting at me to wake up.

At that point my brain wasn’t functioning at 100%, but they tried there best to explain to me that I had a blood clot in my brain which had also caused a bleed on my brain which in turn caused a form of a stroke. Luckily not a full-blown stroke but a stroke none the less.

From that moment I said to myself this will not defeat me! As soon as I had the strength to walk I defied all odds and regained all motor functions almost straight away. I was sneaking into the hospital toilets and practicing balancing on one foot an other various silly things to keep my motor functions alive.
I was in my hospital bed doing maths equations and all my times tables to keep my brain alive.
I was in the hospital for one month.

I am now home and feeling 90% normal. I can even ride a bike again, I am currently documenting my road back to professional BMX.
I am hoping to return to work on the 10th of February this year as I am now a mechanical engineer.


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I’ve saved the best part for last.

The love of my life Yvette. My partner, fiancé and best friend could have lost me. The love I have for her saved my life. Nothin in this world would part me from her.
She has loved and supported and nursed me to full health.
And now we have a beautiful baby on the way conceived while I was still recovering from my stroke!
I hope my story can inspire and give hope to people all over the world. Never give up and keep fighting. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
All my love and support to whoever reads and needs this. Lee. 

All the love and support Big Lee.

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